Östersund has a sprawling pop scene

A seldom told story is the one of the sprawling pop scene in Östersund, a rather isolated town in the north of Sweden.

No, we kid you not. The city by the lake has spawned lots of great groups, it´s just that no one has ever noticed.

Originally playing in different punk, rock or indie-groups the six soon-to-be creators of the most beautiful northern popmusic imaginable met each other in their mid-teens.

The songs often revisit this time of coming of age, a time of getting to know yourself and the best of friends at the same time.

Other recurring subjects of the lyrics is family, guilt and love- lost or longed for. The tunes is the yellowed pictures of a family photo album, love letters that never were sent or just damn good pop songs with great vocals, jingly guitars, soaring melodies and catchy choruses.


After releasing four EP’s that displayed a genuine belief in pop-music´s ability to move its listeners Penny Century were signed to Letterbox Records.

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